What's behind it all?

Do you think where things come from and the production behind them?

I’m not talking just the products themselves.

You know, what's actually involved in the printed cards that you generally receive in every delivery box you receive?

When we started Hand & Hart, one of the core values of the business was to have as little impact as possible. We wanted to make choices about the business that were eco friendly as well has having products that help you have a more sustainable lifestyle. Yes we still want things to be aesthetically pleasing but we also don't want that to come at a cost to the planet. It goes much further than that. We try to be very conscious of this with all decisions in the business but especially when it comes to product development.

One of the ways we feel this has been accomplished is in our packaging. We have made very conscious decisions when it came to the packaging we use, from the packs, & labels to our delivery boxes & packaging.

For example, we decided not to print on the boxes that we use for delivery. Yes they look a little better if they are printed on and have a nice message on the inside when you open them and it is all marketing to some extent. But we also feel it to be unnecessary and not worth the cost to the earth. There is a full production process to do this. It may be a little message on the inside of the box, to have Hand & Hart somewhere or a quote etc, but have you thought about the process and what is involved in this being there? Not only is it the production process to print on a box, but there is then a full production process in making the inks and making the printing machines etc. Even down to the raw materials that are used to produce those inks?!  

So here are some of the ways in which we did things differently:

  • None printed boxes. This is our boxes for our double edge safety razors as well as our delivery boxes. This also means they are easily recycled or composted. 
  • If we don't use the cardboard box and need to put it in an envelope. We use the comPOSTubble Mailers from the better packaging co
  • We did want some branding on our double edge razor boxes so we use recycled paper labels which we stamp our logo onto with our letterpress. 
  • We decided against printed thank you cards, again due to the printing process. Also realistically, how many have you ever kept?! What happens to them. You may have been sent a code on the card, but it generally ends up in the recycling or worse the general rubbish. So we opted again for what we believe a more eco friendly way. We buy recycled cotton paper to handwrite our thank you notes on. This paper is made of cotton waste from factories that would otherwise end up in landfill. We then use the letterpress again to stamp our own branding. 
  • The packets we use for our toothpaste tablets are 100% compostable. We designed them not to have a resealable zipper on, so they could be 100% compostable. We also want to encourage people to reuse a jar or tin they have to store them in. This also makes them light when in transit, so again, less carbon emissions used in delivery.  
  • We also send majority of our products out with Sendle who are 100% carbon neutral delivery through their support of Southpole
Eco Friendly Packaging

We hope this helps you understand the thought process behind some of the decisions we make in this business to do out bit to be better and have less of an impact on this beautiful planet. 

Have a wonderful day and go lightly.